Hi Friends,At present i start Social Media Promotions for my website(Twitter.com). While i am promoting the site i am getting the followers. But after some time they are unfollowing me. I am doing the social media promotins personally only not by any 3rd parties. Can some body help me why they are unfollowing me.

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That's just the nature of social media promotions, you will always have followers and unfollowers. If people find no value in your posts, they will unfollow you.

As a rule, people do not like it if they get spammed with advertisements or promotions all the time. Also, if you keep posting frequently, it also looks like spam.


Yes i will agree with you Ewald Horn.we will always have followers and unfollowers. And i didn't agree with you in this point "If people find no value in your posts,they will unfollow you". This may be the correct point. But i tweet regularly. And i am updating my profile with fresh and unique content.
I think it may have another reason.I am searching for the reason.


Try to follow back your followers that are related to your niche to retain them. Sometimes a 'follow' might mean 'follow me back'.

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