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I am interested in hosting ads on my site, but I have no idea where to begin.

Simply put, I want this to be a selective, semi-targeted process; Companies such as RackSpace, for example.

I would not accept just anything on my site.

Any hints, links or advice would be greatly apreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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promote your business through social media sites. you will get respnses and leads.

Hello sir,
amol555 you are right social media optimization is best option for him.

The easiest way to get started with ads is to sign up with Google AdSense. The ads are pretty high quality, but you don't get to hand pick them.

If you want to hand pick them, and you're just starting out, I highly recommend signing up with http://www.buysellads.com ... Basically they're a broker service that connects publishers with advertisers. Keep in mind you're not going to get advertisers like Rackspace right off the bat. You'll probably get small businesses that want to give you a shot. If your site performs well for them, they'll spend more money with you.

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