I have been spending a lot of time on LinkedIn lately and one feature I find annoying is the infinite scroll.

I simply want to learn more about some companies: their size, earnings, number of employees, mailing address, etc.
So I go to the company page on LinkedIn and quickly scroll to the bottom.
However, I only read about one line about the company before more content loads and the company profile gets pushed down off the page. So I have to scroll down again to get back to the profile.

Is there a way to disable this infinite scroll feature? Better yet, perhaps a hot key or something that takes me straight to the bottom of the page, so I can read a company profile without having to repeatedly scroll down?

Hello i think your browser is not working properly.

A follow-up to this question and then I will mark it "Solved."

Apparently, there is no quick and easy way to get to the bottom of a LinkedIn page that has MANY pages worth of data (I think the same applies to pages on any other site with infinite scroll, for example, Facebook, blogs, etc.). After looking around, I noticed a similar question had been asked in the LinkedIn "Help" section but no solution has been provided.

A couple options that may help getting to the bottom of a page quicker:
Use Control-End, or Shift-End, to scroll through more pages at a time (may save a few clicks).
Right-click on the scroll bar and then select "Top" or "Bottom" to quickly get through pages.

In either case, you get to a point where you are prompted to "Show More Updates", so you are still not really at the bottom of the page. I tried these techniques out on Lockheed Martin's LinkedIn page and never did go all the way to the very bottom.

So, at this point, there is no hot-key or function to quickly get to the very bottom of a LinkedIn page that has MANY entries.

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