How effective is Google+ when it comes to online marketing? Suggest a few tips for doing Google+ marketing in the right way.

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Google+ is very effective when the details are updated properly.It also gives an good ranking position since your business has been published in google plus.The business page should be very active with posts,videos,pics and also the circles should be increased.

G+ provides social media presence more than other social media sits such as Facebook, linkedin and others.

You just can’t succeed without a proper plan in content marketing, most of the people keep on posting randomly without making any sort of plan or strategy, that's why they fail because without proper planning even if you do all the hard work it will give you zero output, like I am targeting The FiFa World cup which is generating a lot of traffic for me, you just need to catch on every eye-catching event and news, plus with proper targeting also do proper socializing of your content, if you follow these things you have very high chances of success.

Google plus is good for online marketing. Its provides quality backlinks for your site. Goggle Plus fans really increased day by day... So you can easily markeitng on google plus like Facebook.

google + is very effectve media to increase your page rank . mostof the people share and comment on the google + post .In this way you will get the quilty backlink for your site .

Google+ has been very strong option for website visibility now-a-days. After all, it is a product of google. Remember that.

I think in Google Plus - Business Page & Community is really so much important for transferring information.

Google Plus does help you increase your traffic. Get attention to the what ever project you are dealing with.

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