Anyone offering google video ads on their websites?
I was wondering what the payout for those ads were. And also, do your visitors actually click to watch these videos?
Are you making any money with it?

I've seen them rotated a couple of times with the other AdSense ads we have here. They really aren't that different from other image ads. They start as static images and just include little play buttons that the web surfer has to click on, so it's not as if they start automatically. You only get money when they're viewed and clicked on. I haven't really noticed a significant increase or decrease in my AdSense revenue lately, and since they're rotated in there, and are few and far between, I'm not so sure how they perform money-wise.

Unfortunately, Google is not offering video ads anymore from what I hear but their are plenty of other sites that do host video ads such as Adwido.

Yup google has disable Video ads.. by da way green u have bumped 2 yrs old thread..hihhi