is .org site provides the quality links as the .edu and the .gov site?

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Stop worrying so much about .edu and .gov sites. Every post you mention them. Build strong content that people want to link to and which will be relevant enough to someday be worth of those .edu/.gov links.

Right now if the SE's keep going the way that they are, more priority is going to be going to how viral content goes. So writing great content which gets shared through social media is going to do better and be worth way more of your time then wasting hours upon hours trying to get a single .edu or .gov link.

commented: Agreed! And in those posts he makes using another account - all so obvious and tedious +14

.org sites have less value than .edu and the .gov sites. Even these days domain extension is not big matter. Content quality is the first priority for both search engines and visitors.

no this not for quality its just say about organisation. what ever it is profit or non profit.
but i just see major blogger prefer there services website as .org

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