How to find out auto approve site from google? any body guide line me?

What do you mean by "auto approve site"

You can use allinanchore and type auto approval sites on Google you will find lot of sites. But you need to specify which sites you need weather directory or forum sites to get relevant search query.

i think make query with auto approve in search engine. by that you can get relavant search results. like if you want auto blog comments approve site, you can simply search "auto approve blog commenting site list".

Using auto approval sites for off page SEO activities is not good in term of google as those sites doesnot have good PR, content and mostly sites are used for spamming. So builing links on such sites will create bad neighbourhood for your websites. Better to search high PR quality and Theme based sites for builing links.

its actually very ineresting that you can use them and get results immediately...its great since its nt very esy to come by them...that the best SEO tool ever

What kind of auto approve site you want to search ?

Maybe what he meant is blogs with auto-approved comments.

Now a days a build backlink Backlink is a big factor for search ranking & targeted visitor. Blog comment is the Most popular backlink method. But there is a problem due to spam major popular & high PR blog owner are disable the auto approve system beside they use anti spam plugin which automatically delete comment.