I m Mukut from Bangladesh.
I have a q. Do u knw which PTC site is da best PTC sites?i knw only Neobux is tha real paid site n all others r scam site.please help me.

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I have no clue what a PTC site is. What are you talking about??


This might help your search for you to earn some money: http://www.bestptcsites.org/

PTC = Paid - to - click

Essentially you take surveys all day to earn money. It's great money when you're watching TV and there's a commercial. Might as well be a productive couch potato.

It's very tuft to find out genuine ptc among thousand of ptc site.
Neobux is trusted site .carry on.

OnBux - Great and trustful BUX with very good stats!

it is also good

I think paisa live is a best PTC site.

If you want a good list of bux sites that pay with upgrading or investment: The PTC Report


I also know only neobux as a reliable site

The Best One is ClixSense : ClixSense

We've paid our 2,577,864 members $3,434,507.61 on time, every time!
We've delivered over 749,868,817 views to our advertisers' websites!

neobux and clixsense my friend but u have to think in internet marketing first before starting in ptc sites

There are so many best ptc websites and investment programs to earn money at home

I only prefer neobux.com that still pay money.

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