I m Mukut from Bangladesh.
I have a q. Do u knw which PTC site is da best PTC sites?i knw only Neobux is tha real paid site n all others r scam site.please help me.


This might help your search for you to earn some money: http://www.bestptcsites.org/

PTC = Paid - to - click

Essentially you take surveys all day to earn money. It's great money when you're watching TV and there's a commercial. Might as well be a productive couch potato.

It's very tuft to find out genuine ptc among thousand of ptc site.
Neobux is trusted site .carry on.

The Best One is ClixSense : ClixSense

We've paid our 2,577,864 members $3,434,507.61 on time, every time!
We've delivered over 749,868,817 views to our advertisers' websites!

neobux and clixsense my friend but u have to think in internet marketing first before starting in ptc sites

PTC stands for paid to click. Not only neobux, there are other few ptc sites you can earn good money from.
Visit this site Click Here

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