Hi all. I'm rebuilding my tech/video blog and I'm thinking of a way to monetize my YU chanel by embedding videos on blog pages.
Of course banners are an option but I was thinking about adds on those videos as well. any ideas on that!?

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Sure, why not? Adsense has become increasingly better at providing relevant advertising on websites and embedded video so you can be sure that a user will see ads geared more to their specific demographic which will help keep them engaged. I don't see anything wrong with it as it just provides a secondary revenue stream for a website owner.

Still not able to use addsens on my YT :-( any aff.network that suplies video adds or WP widget for that matter that can be exploited that way!?

Let's add one more to the twist :-) ie need a plugin for wordpress to exploit my videos + adds!?

Although adsense is the preferred way to go for advertising on youtube you do need to meet their guidelines which can take awhile. Let us know how your solution works out for you!

well, my adsense got accepted within 3 weeks..
happy monetizing :)

You can try display adds to monetize your videos. By the way, MgCash Media has really good display adds you can use

MichaelKross...thanks will see what Mg is all about.

As for video plugin works great. They do not rep their publishers for actually setting you up with ad tags. You are free to use any VAST/VPAID compliant tags with your players and that works for me :-)

You can try using Famebit to monetize your YouTube channel, seems promising and it's backed by 500 Startups.

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