Except the basic Social medias (Facebook,pinterest and twitter), What are the alternatives where i can advertise my services?

Well it depends on your niche, if it's visual for example there are a lot more sites like pinterest that can help, if it's tech/internet related, g+ can help a lot, instagram is a great one to try too

If you want additional advertising platform, make efforts in LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare, Reddit, Stubleupon and Quora.

For image rich sites, Pinterest, Instagram is recommended. If you have a specific niche for your business, you can try looking for communities or forums and gain engagement through interacting with them. Gooogle+ is also recommended for it is one of the fast growing online community with a lot of interesting features.

Major Sites would be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Googleplus
Youtube for video marketing. Creat PDF and upload them to slideshare and issuu.
Share it to stumbleupon,reddit and other social bookmarking sites.

Do SEO with great keywords (creating quality backlinks for your website).
Have a social media (Facebook, Twitter, Gplus, Pinterest) and share it there.
Find niche social media sites where you can post your products like Chictopia an

You can use flickr,imgur for photo promotion acivities and linkedin,youtube,stumpleupon and web 2.0 sites for alternative promotion activities

tagged.com and tumblr.com are good sites to promote services because number of people use these sites.

Tumblr and Pinterest are two most effective social media site that can help me promote my brand. I also have accounts at behance.com and dribbble.com (communities for web designers) for my web design website.

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