What is image posting?
How does Image Posting helps to get good traffic?

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Image posting means you post images over some third party site to share information and let others know that this information was created by you ! It's more like a document which is filled of information but it has a water mark that this information is created by you, so in this way the person whole reads that documents know that this information is shared by you ! I don't think image post helps that much in getting traffic but as I've always said that you can't hold yourself over to just a single trick to get traffic, so betting over it's something you can expect traffice from but I don't think that it's going to create a vast impact because usually people are intrested in getting knowledge they just don't care about the source of information.

Image posting can help to increase the image optimzition of the website.Just like search results, when the optimized keyword is typed, the images would be appearing in the iamge results.It helps in branding of logo and banners of a business.

commented: Yes, we can say it helps in branding or any organisation +3
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