Can anyone answer me, that buying website traffic is worth or not?

"buying website traffic" ? what do you mean by that ? like buying "5000 likes for 50$" ?

happygeek: that kind of depends on what he means by his question. if he asked: "is it worth it bying more bandwith, so there can be more traffic" ...
but then again, most likely, he's not asking that :)

If you buy traffic from the trusted webtraffic service provide means, may it helpful for you. But am not sure about it.

stultuske: if he had asked "can you tell me how to increase my traffic?" that would have also been a vaild question.

He didn't :)

commented: true. just hard to filter out the real meaning :) +13

No any worth. Paid traffic is look like the garbage for the google. if you have E-commerce site then paid traffic is not give you the positve rezults on sale. After get paid traffic no any postive change will be appear on your sale. Paid traffic is just artificial traffic and nothing else. "Thats all"

If you buy it from trusted websites, and prefer the quality , then yes it can help. For quality and trust I'd say go for sites like SEoclerks.

Crystal21: so you actually would consider having your website being banned from the search results of any major search engine to be helpfull, if it is because you used a "trusted website"'s resources?

In matters like this, there is no such thing as a 'trusted website'

No, Most traffic sellers [99%] sell useless, bulk traffic.

I don't understand what do you mean by "buying traffic". How could you by traffic? Traffic constitutes from real visits from niche prospects. Do you want to place your brand on a resource where your target audience go? if yes then there is no harm in placing your brand on such resource but make sure you don't persuade too much, display brand service in right light.

I have problem with the word - traffic.

It's real people / targeted people who visits your website will be somehow useful for you, because he is interested in what you have to offer.

Otherwise what will you do with the traffic generated from any tools. Totally waste of time. Ultimately you will end with harming your website.

AS mmost of them were said, Buying traffic won't that much worth compared to organic traffic

Paid traffic? No, it's a bad idea.

that is not good for website, you may get ban from search engine.