hi i am really having problems getting my site know i have tried traffic sites but to no real avail pay-per-click is a little too expensive at the moment anyone have any ideas?

all help appreciated


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Word of mouth. Post on forums using your site in your signature (like you're doing). Create a Blogger blog about related information, and get your articles syndicated. Do link exchanges.

Yeh their are many ways in which you can increase traffic one of the best is to join website/communties and put a fun link in your signature which people will click, also look about this website it gives you some usefull tips.

Also word of mouth is a good way of increasing traffic, tell all your friends about your site and if they like it then they will pass it on to their friends, also ever heard of viral marketing? Its a great way of getting your name out their, create a funny video or a think of a funny joke then use the email equivilent of a chain mail (FWD) and pass around the content you have with of couse links back to your site, you'll be suprised at how much traffic can raise because of small changes.

Also google likes it when you update your site nearly everyday so even though you may have no activity at least do one post on your site a day.

I do have some links with could help you boost your link popularity and organic searches... pm me if you have any questions or just take a look at my inventory at www.guruwebllc.com

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