Hey Guys,
Need a help? I have YouTube channel and I want to promote my videos. For this purpose need an appropriate plan for 3 months, but I am confused about promotion strategy which is useful. Please help me. Share your fruitful strategy and view.

  1. Provide a detailed and accurate title and description to each of your videos, and associate tags (keywords) that are directly relevant
  2. Use a call to action within your videos to encourage people to like, rate, comment on and share your videos.
  3. First promote your videos to your social circle. Let them share your videos with their online friends.
  4. Make use of YouTube trends. You can create videos for your niche related to the trending videos and get a good number of eyeballs on your videos.
  5. Try to get your face on the camera as much as possible. Users are sttracted more if they have impressions of your personality and knowledge about your channel theme.
  6. Do not upload 10 minute long videos. Attention span of users in YouTube is very low.

Regular uploads and being patient are most crucial things, then your users will come sooner or later.

When you have already created your Youtub channel there are many ways to promote it. Let me give you a few suggestions where some of them could be taken into your marketing plan. However, my biggest suggestion is not to stick with what everybody is doing. Some originality will only help you to surpass the others.
1) Marketing through branded accessories
2) Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are used by many people but at the same time plays one of the most crucial role in promoting.
3) What about email marketing? This will be beneficial if you have subscribers.
4) Optimize your videos for SEO.
5) Try being active on forums, of course, related ones.
6) Collab videos - in this case you will reach your and your partner's audience.
7) Video commenting - visit other channels of Youtube and let them know what you think.

Like @Vinventas said, use Social Media. Like Facebook,Twitter,imgur,tumblr. just convert some crazy or funny videos into gif and post that on above web 2.0 sites.

  • select a good keyword
  • write a shotrt description about your service
  • use a attractive title
  • use a good thumbanail
  • create few backlink
  • share on social media

Have in mind that you need to grasp viewers attention very fast, in the first 5-10 seconds. Use keywords in titles and descriptions, transcribe your videos and upload transcriptions, ask people to subscribe to your channel as well as to each video.