I have just join to day to DANIWEB if some advice me about SMO just will be best as start.

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What exactly are you wanting to know?

Hi Stuugie,
Thanks to you,
Exactly want know about social media marketing/optimizations, What is the best way to do so far to make a site most popular?

SMO is all about promoting your brand on social media and developing yourself as reputed enterpirse among social communities.

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To get more tips and tricks about SMO, you may follow Socialmediatoday and social media examiner blog.

Create your company page on popular social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and start posting useful content related to your business and which talks about users common issues and solutions.

Engage with the users and be active on social networking sites. This will help you to build online reputation.

Promoting Your Brand and try to reach more users on Social Networking Sites. Focus to Reach Your Product to every one who were interseted on your product.

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Smo means social media optimisation. But kindly clear what you want to know?

Well, according to his profile: "AMWebCreation is website design, development, SEO, SMO, CMS, Ecommerce, clipping path, logo design; IT training center" so all I can suggest is that if he has to come to us to get advice on what the stuff he is charging other people to train them on is, then probably best to avoid him altogether.

Unless, of course, he is just here to spam.

Create your pages with Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for starters. You need to be really active on each platform, post informative and relevant content, videos, infographics, original images (photos) and use hashtags (#) to connect your content. This all makes sense when you connect your blog with your pages. Don't forget to post content from your blog.

You have MOZ, Social Media Round Table and Search Engine Journal blogs to know more about Social Media and SEO. They are worth following and gives you the greates ideas to promote yourself and your business online.

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I've learned a lot during the last few months with regards to SMO. Different sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Periscope, and etc...) all have different rules and regulations you have to follow. The best thing you can do is get your site url out there, create Facebook fan pages, market on Instagram and others but remember, when marketing on social media that the people join you, which makes YOU the brand, and not the site itself. If you want some great information go to www.michaelmvasas.com for more information. If you're going to promote on social media, you definitely want to do it right because people remember wrong!

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