Hi There, I am kind of new in the internet marketing subjects. which of these 2 sites can help better in terms of bringing more traffic? Thank you

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Unquestionably, both the Facebook and Google+ can help you to obtain direct traffic. But, the need of Facebook or Google+ optimization will vary from businesses, products or services.

KentDy: on themselves, those networks won't generate more traffic. It's how you use them.

Use them wisely, and they might (never a guarantee) generate so much traffic your server won't be able to keep up.
Use them without thinking it through, and they will (this is a guarantee) impact your traffic in a very negative way.

Hi there!

I suggest you to use the two Social Networking Sites because both of them have a huge of active users that can help you to increase your traffic as well as increasing your brand popularity.

Hope it helps!

Google+ is better than Facebook to bring more traffic. Google+ is more about sharing ideas and content. Facebook is where I see graduation pictures and wedding announcements. Facebook and Google are two completely different things.

Both are perfect site for getting good traffic. I suggest you to add twitter also for getting good results. These three site give you huge traffic.

Try Facebook and Google plus. If you want to ask for 3rd, then my suggestion is to use Twitter.

I like Facebook better, but both are great. Use both equally.

Facebook has a lots of user base, but google plus have a lots of tech user base compared to facebook. so you just want to understand your client. according to your client you want to use your social network

you will get your terget traffic by google+, cause when you write a description about your service on google+, it will be stand on google search engine first result, if anyone search your service releted keyword.

You will get traffic by facebook and google+ but more benefitial is google+

Both the sites you have mentioned are popular and it would be better if you start using both of these platforms to promote your business. There are other social networking sites too which you should use.

From my side, Google + is better initially. Because Facebook takes time to get popularity with the users.

I'll say it depends on your target audience. Facebook is mostly for teenagers, people between 20-30 years (at this age they are the most active users). On the other hand, people on Google+ are more there to get serious news not viral funny videos and etc.

use facebook social media marketing to get direct customers & engage them around what you do its very effective in that

use google + to boost your link profile

I have found that the best thing to do if you are a newbie, is to get to know your niche and then hang out, visibly but not as a pest, in all the places that are especially good for your niche. Join groups and communities that cater to your niche, that is great both for networking and for finding potential customers, if you have a business. It takes a bit of research, but it is worth it in the end. Google Plus Hangouts are a good way to get to know (and become known) by some people in those communities. Wish you well!

It's not about the site, it's about how you manage to post there or your ability to bring more traffic. It is actually about the posts you make there or whatever you do for bringing more traffic. All you have to do is to post the quality work and something that people do like.

Google + long time closed and facebook is still working in 2022

Yes, but this question was asked 7 years ago. We can see that it aged well :)

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