How to create Facebook sponsor post.

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First, log-in your personal Facebook page, then go to and from the list, select the page or post that you want to advertise. You can also insert the URL of any page that you wanted to advertise. Then, in the What Would You Like to Do? section, select the Promote Page Post radio button, it will automatically promote the recent post but you can change it in settings. Lastly, you can now select the post that you would like to promote from the drop-down menu. You can see the preview of the ad on the right side of the page.

You can change the settings depending on your desired ad.

I found an article about sponsored stories, it might help you to learn more about it. I'll provide the link below. Hope it helps!

Click Here

You should think about the time when you're going to post. When you have engagement on your fan page, Facebook’s Insights give you quite a bit of data on your posts. If you correspond individual posts with the data on visitor actions, you can analyze which content and time of posting performs best on your page. Click your page’s Insights link, which appears in your admin panel at the top of the page, and then export and download a CSV or Excel file of the last 28 days’ worth of data. Each data point is split into three sets: daily, weekly, and 28 days. You can probably delete most of the long-term data.

its worth to google it, instead of starting the online thread.

It's called as Facebook ad campaign. Pls follow steps below.
* Visit
* Choose to boosts your most recent Page post.
* Select your desired targeting, run dates, and budget.

Follow these steps,
1.Visit facebook website/ads/create link in the site.
2.Choose to boosts your most recent Page post.
3.Select your desired targeting, run dates, and budget.
4.Post regularly on your Page and we’ll distribute your most recent post to your target audience.

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