So many social media sites are out there to promote our site. which one works better.
Are all the traffic building adds for a $5, $10 and $20 are real? Do they really work?

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if you want traffic, make sure your site has value and promote it.
a lot of people are only annoyed by adds they see on pages for unrelated sites, so whether it really is worth paying a lot for those...

Even then, no matter how many people visit your page: if it's not what they expect, or if it doesn't provide what they look for, you'll lose the chance for what you actually want: repeat visitors.

This is so true. Your content must be relevant, informative and helpful. You need to be niche specific and you need to provide value. Because of great content people will read your blog and come back to it, no matter the ad.

yep, you have to realise one thing, ad campaign for to reach your ad to vistors. but it is depend on the ad quality to make visitor into customer or client.

first understand your customer, then choose a relevant social media and ad campaign.

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