Does having 404 error pages on my site negatively affect my rankings?

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Yes, it does affect your site rankings. If you want to track or monitor on your site, use Google Analytics so you can fix them. Google will warn you about an increase in 404 errors on your site in Webmaster Tools. And if you don’t fix those errors, Google will eventually remove the specific page from their index and if you have lot of 404 errors, Google will eventually hurt your overall rankings.

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If some URLs on your site 404, this fact alone does not hurt you or count against you in Google’s search results. However, there may be other reasons that you’d want to address certain types of 404s.

Yes, it may harm your website rankings. You should check the broken links and redirect the links to right path. 301 redirection will be perfect.

Yes and no. having a 404 that the SE finds is not going to hurt you, it will eventualy remove it from its index, but if you have a broken link pointing to a 404 then yes you are leaking PR.

Yes , 404 error affects your site ranking , using Seo tools you will find broken links and remove these error .