What are the important Google Rank Factors?

SEO is going local in a big way, so if you're wondering how to rank higher on google then this is an important ranking factor, especially for small business SEO. Schema markup code helps search engines get a better understanding of specific texts such as addresses, phone numbers, recipes, reviews and more

  1. A Secure and Accessible Website
  2. Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Domain Age, URL, and Authority
  5. Optimized Content
  6. Technical SEO
  7. User Experience (RankBrain)
  8. Links
  9. Social Signals

Real Business Information

  1. Look at the "Queries" report.
    Let's start by identifying the phrases for which you're practically at the top of the search results. It's in this Google Analytics report: Queries > Acquisition > Search Console This report includes: • a list of all the phrases for which you have a ranking; and
    how many times you've been found in Google (impressions)
    the number of times these words have brought people to your pages (clicks)
    your position in the search results for the term (average position).
  2. Apply a more advanced filter
    We're seeking terms that are presently ranking well in Google but maybe better. We'll need to apply an Advanced Filter to isolate the phrases for which we have a high ranking but not excessively so.
  3. Sort the report according to the ranks.
    To sort the report, click the “Average Position” column heading. To see the 11s at the top, you'll have to click it twice.
  4. Go over the list, look for phrases, and double-check the rankings.
    You'll notice that this report contains several unusual sentences right away. Things that appear to be unimportant. Don't be concerned about them. Every website has a ranking for irrelevant terms. Ignore them and keep searching.
    Ideally, you'll come across some buyer-related keywords. Keep in mind that there are two types of keywords...
    Phrases are entered by people who are investigating a problem but aren't sure how they want to address it yet.
    Dollar Signs Phrases are sent in by people who know exactly how they want to fix their problem and are looking for a possible answer. They are frequently willing to spend money.
  5. Double-check your rankings
    To double-check your ranks, go to Google and type in the phrases. You'll see that "average position" and "rankings" are not the same thing. You may find that you are ranked higher than the report indicates. Sometimes you won't be able to see your site at all.
  6. Look at the page to see how the phrase is utilized.
  7. Enhance the page by indicating the phrase's importance.
    The goal of search engine optimization is to demonstrate relevance. We use on-page SEO best practices suggesting relevancy, which we'll summarise here.
  8. Improve the quality of your work!
  9. Check your rankings after a few days.

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Best way to rank website on google is organic seo and google ad campaign.
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SEO is becoming local in a major way and if you're thinking how to rank better on Google, this is an essential ranking factor, particularly for small businesses SEO. Schema markup code can help search engines gain an understanding of particular texts like addresses and phone numbers, recipes reviews, and so on.

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