I want to start writing a blog about technology. Where do I begin? Create a site from scratch or use CMS? Or use a site builder?

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Use WordPress. Use a shared hosting company that offers preconfigured WordPress installations.


What Dani said. Registering a domain name is cheap and easy, finding a web host that supports WordPress ditto. Which would just leave you the job of fidning the right WordPress template and getting a little creative to make it your own; again really easy. The hardest part is creating the content that will drive people to your blog once it's up and running.


Well starting a blog is not that difficult job anymore because now several WordPress hosting provider allow you to deploy WordPress on one click with some predefine search engine friendly settings.

I would recommend to write down your online objective like: What are the core areas you will be writing about.

You can select any blogging theme free or paid totally depend upon you. I would like to suggest to pick a quality hosting provider rather than shared because usally shared hosting cause a lot of problems in long run.

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Choose blogging platform then find the host & pick a domain name then started with WordPress


You can start with Joomla.com, Wix.com, there free plans are good for newbies, Or try revglue.com, wordpress.com, sites.google.com for more dynamic cms features.

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