Define blog, article & press release?

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All these are th three forms of content where you want to differentiate your style of writing . The blogs should be more converasation based, the reader should be able to communicate with you through your pens and fingers. The article should be informative and PRs should be based o n representing your brands.

In Search Engine optimization all three things are important for the gaining the traffic. i.e. Blogs, Aritcle and Press realeses. Here i mentioned difference among theses three things.
Blog is the domain like a website which customize the domain name own basis and we can affix the image accordingly, we can choose the featued image in blogs. In term of article we can not choose the domain name of the article, article does not approve the image a lot of more. we can upload the content on a article websites. In terms of Press releases We can not use hyperlinks and images in particuler press releases would not even uploaded in the press releases

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