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Have a quality and interesting content on your blog posts to attract visitors on your website. I had my site SEO by a company before and content is what they recomended me when we parted ways.

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No tool available for increase the visitors and ranking. If you want to improve traffic and ranking of your website, strat work on offpage seo.

  1. Press Release
  2. Blog marketing
  3. Article Submission
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Paid Advertisement such as PPC and FaceBook Campaign
  6. Content Marketing

your Website design should be mobile friendly & URL must be SEO friendly


You can provide search engines relevant or core information about your website. This is really important nowadays when Google is working extra hard to understand what are our pages all about. Try writing about the latest news, create viral infographics, write top lists posts, build your email list.


if you need a tool, then my suggestion would be fiverr. go and bought traffic at fiverr gig.

Note:- Blackhat would always harm your site


Well there are many options. As to increase visitors or in other words your site's traffic, you should mainly work on SEO and increase your page rank first or a good advertising would make your site more visible as well.
As for ranking - SEO will work as well, but if you are talking about ranking that would help increasing the trust of your site - you might use some softwares and start generating opinions of your visitors. For exmaple, it could be Shopper Approved - a customer review software.


You could a video in your homepage. This brings in a clear understanding of your product/services and also helps viewers to be engaged to your website more. This is also sharable in social medias thereby giving in more exposure.

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