One of my competitor is writing negative reviews often.

  • He is not a real customer.
  • He don't have any queries or complaints to resolve.
  • He is writing spoiler reviews from different fake accounts.

I have flagged those reviews as inappropriate and submitted to google. But no response.
Please advice how to handle it."

Tell more. We all know SEO is hit or miss so if they used your SEO and it didn't pay off, why not be upfront about your products? It would be refreshing to read a SEO that told the truth rather than "sell it, sell it hard."

I'm afraid you need to wait a bit longer for Google to react lol, but if you are right they prob delete those reviews.

Untill Google responds to your proposal, you can better do one thing,you can give reply to that fake review telling that all your story is non sense. So that the other customers will be in s positive attitude.

does your issue got resolved?

To handle the spoiler review on google local listing we must

  1. Evaluate the situation
  2. Respond quickly
  3. Rectify the situation
  4. Stay on top of the google review

First we have to evaluate the review. If not a real customer post the negative review. Flag icon is appear there you have to click the flag icon & report.