Hello experts I have one big about website ranking process

Currently I have digital marketing website. My services are seo, ppc, social media and much more.
I have a services pages. And doing blog post regularly. Doing backlink submission concurrently. But my website not ranking on google why even not placed on first 100 search result.. why my website couldn't ranking in search engine.

May I know about category pages and services pages and tag pages.

my website pages have
Service pages:

Blog post page

Category page:
Tag pages:

There are many reasons why your site might not be ranking as well as you would hope. First of all, think of how MANY people there are in this world who offer SEO services. Then think that every single one of these people keep up with the latest SEO trends and techniques, and are in competition with each other to rank for the same small handful of terms.

Do you use Ahrefs? You may wish to subscribe to it to see the backlinks your competitors have, and see where you could be doing better. Also, pay close attention to the sites that are ranking in the top 10 and see if you can learn from them. Remember, both on-page and off-page SEO are important. Does each page have a clear title and unique and appealing meta description? Do you use clean HTML with proper HTML5 tags?

Blogging regularly and backlinks are just a small fraction of the game. You need backlinks over a long period of time from many different sources ... editorial, social, etc. Do you have a Facebook and Twitter? Are you in Google Places? Are there any negative signals that Google Search Console gives you?