Job outsourcing helps U.S. companies be more competitive in the global marketplace.

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I disagree completely with outsourcing.

I believe that companies outsource not because the skill sets within is inadequate but because they want to save money.

You can get almost any job done with a tenth of the price from a freelancer from India etc. Problem is that the end result is not as required which leads to your current staff resolving these problems, costing you more in the long run, creating a sour work environment etc.

I have been involved in outsourcing recently and will never look that way again. it bit us badly. If this was done in-house, we could have resolved responsabilities accordingly, with outsourcing (fly-by-night) there is no retribution.

Some of my most amazing experiences were because of companies outsourcing. You name it, travelled the world, met a lot of nice people in many countries and first hand saw the impact of conterfeit components and more.

These companies from what I could have paid the same at the end of the day where it was done in house or out sourced. Remember that I only was called in on the failures and problems. Maybe there's a lot of success stories out there but from what I saw, no real savings.

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well i would say no . because outsourcing doesnt directly depend on market ?
its depend on what niche business we are dealing with sometimes its good to get outsource but exessive can harm business

overall answer to your threat is no it cant depend on show its compitions in globle market by just outsourcing

Thank you

Yes and no depends on what you are doing.

If you are going for the whole of the solution , outsourcing works. Like building an app from ground up based on what you have now. The work must consist of a time warranty and after service package and then yes. You will need to project a ROI because after all this you will need to ditch it and start over as technology progressed and start the reinvestment all over.

But if it is bits and pieces as a part of an existing solution like modules and plugins, it should be clearly no. You will never be able to update it in the future if you outsource these. And from my personal experience what is favoured today will be obsolete tomorrow In the tech world really... unless you can and are willIing dedicate to maintain a long term relationship. It is a nightmare to look at what the other guy did.

I’ve recently started on compiling new boilerplate engine based on Bootstrap 4. Work has just progressed 10% and Bootstrap already announcing they will be releasing Bootstrap 5 alpha... with no jquery support... going to have so much fun to make BS 5 to work in my CMS platform. My own website is still on BS 3. When I’m finally done to port to BS 4, I think BS 6 will be around...

In another route for dev, I noticed most Larger start ups enterprises now open source their build for community based improvements for Non data sensitive parts for a cheap long run maintenance. Look at Airbnb, Uber etc you know what I mean. Codes are meant to be shared around for feedback and ideas - so it will improvise fast and free. But that is not related to what you ask, so I beg your pardon for this alternative.

Yes, outsourcing is a cost-effective approach to boost corporate growth and gain long-term competitive edge over rivals without stretching budget limits. Here is how outsourcing can help businesses rise to the new horizons:
Allows you to focus on core tasks
Lowers costs
Promotes growth
Maintains operational control
Offers staffing flexibility
Provides continuity and risk management
Develops internal staff

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