hello there
Can anyone brife in a short on the duties and responsibilities' of a Social media manager ?
Please brief step by step .

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Here are some of the duties and responsibiliities of Social Media Manager

  1. Broaden, implement and control our social media approach
  2. Define most crucial social media KPIs
  3. Manipulate and oversee social media content material
  4. Measure the success of every social media campaig
  5. Live up to date with state-of-the-art social media high-quality practices and technology
  6. Use social media marketing gear together with Buffer
  7. Attend academic meetings
  8. Work with copywriters and designers to ensure content material is informative and attractive
  9. Collaborate with advertising, sales and Product improvement groups
  10. Reveal search engine optimization and user engagement and propose content material optimization
  11. Speak with enterprise professionals and influencers thru social media to create a sturdy network
  12. Hire and educate different in the team
  13. Provide constructive comments
  14. Adhere to policies and guidelines

A social media manager identifies ongoing trends and devises strategies to build a strong brand image. Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a social media manager:

  1. Analyzes trends for customer interaction and engagements.

  2. Crafts strategies to build communities

  3. Focuses on business goals for receiving high ROI

  4. Monitors traffic metrics

  5. Posts Valuable Content on the Platforms

  6. Responds to queries on social media platforms

  7. Stays up to date with the ongoing technologies and trends

  8. Oversees user's and companies' relationships

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