Help please,

I'm trying to decide between names for my company:
Office Surgery
Office Surgery Centers

I am starting a company to help doctors open a surgery suite in their office. I own the domain: and have email addresses with including

Any suggestions? I am hoping to get people to vote on which they prefer given my domain ownership, etc.


haroldb175 commented: I like the name Office Surgery. +0

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Answered by Dani 2,892 in a post from

I definitely like the name Office Surgery Centers with the domain

Good luck!

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I definitely like the name Office Surgery Centers with the domain

Good luck!

commented: I'm agree with you. In my idea Office Surgery is better +0

Both are best. You could use one as the Name and other as domain Name.
Just Like Dani said. I agree with her.

Why don't you tell us a little more about what services you offer? That would help us narrow down what might be suitable names. Judging by what little you have told us, I gather you do out-patient surgery (duh). What specific areas do you specialize in. Oral surgery? Cosmetic surgery?

Again, at the risk of sounding silly, for all I know you specialize in coming to my place of business to do minor surgery. In other words (my) office surgery. It just seems to me that the word "Office" is redundant and could be replaced with something more descriptive.

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