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I have .com website and would like to get traffic or more sessions for the website from USA. The company is located outside of USA, in India,Asia.Their main business is iphone application development, android app development and ipad application development.Overall their focus of business is mobile application development.They don't have any offices in USA,but they want to get traffic to their.com website mainly concentrating from USA. I have logged into Google webmaster Tools and set the target location as USA. I have not begin the SEO optimization process for this.com website, as I am not sure whether to include any word or city related to USA for the search phrase i select from Google adwords targeting USA. I doubt whether to include any city name or any word related to USA like mobile apps development in california .. etc since they don't have a physical presenece there and also there is no word or mention of USA or any city on the present content of the website.

I request all friends to give their valuable suggestions as how to do Search Engine Optimization for the .com website to get traffic from USA.

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@helen.I have checked the provided links. These are paid traffic links and may not good for my website. When google search algorithm finds it,will affect my website. I want to build orgnaic way of traffic for my website from USA.

If you want to get more traffic from usa site, update your listing in buisness sites like yellowpages, this will bring you a lot of traffic..

@austin.Thanks for your suggestion. The thing is that my website doesnot have a contact address of USA. They are located in another country. So if I do business listing, which i think only for local business. Then how do I proceed with local business listings by giving Non USA address.

This is smart to geting traffic to website. Website without traffic is dead. and there is some option.

1- SEO and optomize your website
2- powerful content
3- healthy backlinks
4- geting traffic from trusted provider. following three links will give you the information details about how to get website traffic from USA visitors safe and fast.

  1. https://www.targetedwebtraffic.com/

  2. https://www.seo25.com/

  3. https://targeted-visitors.com/

  4. https://www.socialmediacore.com/

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