One of the ways how u can market for your website online is via buying hits or pageloads. It's observed that people buy from the sites which they are familiar with. Hence, buying pageloads from ad companies show your website randomly in a network of websites to various people visiting those websites.

These pageloads could be highly targeted depending on your choice and nature of business of your website.

One of the elite companies that I know is KwickMarketing. They give you total control of your campaign.

You can even change the frequency of your pageloads anytime you feel like.

For details, u can visit their website: << URL Snipped >>

SEO can also be used to market online, although it can be an expensive ball game to opt for this option; depending on your competive business nature.

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I agree with this and i want to lead you to this site which compete with yahoo by using targeted ads on several directories and search engines:

<< URL Snipped. Please read the rules >>

Tell me what you think about it, i'm actually a partner as you might have guessed ;) .


Re: 1 effective way of marketing online 80 80

buying hits waste of money since they use annoying and fraudulent ways onf getting hits to your websites also the use of spiders. Best way to advertise is ppc campains on major search eingines such as google adsense.

Also notice that the elite company doesnt have anyother links to there site and they are offering SEO services

<< URL Snipped. No need to give these spammers / scammers free advertising >>

So i wouldnt purchase anything from these people.

Good luck

Re: 1 effective way of marketing online 80 80

I did a lot of research on the subject: marketing and promotion strategies. I mainly focus on internet marketing strategies. I learned a lot of great stuff from my research and i promoted my business successfully. Might this website will help you. Thank You..

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