hi just opened one medical forum site so need your suggestions

so what i'll be doing is go to yahoo msn groups myspace groups and joining medical groups so i get some members .as this is medical forums so people are here not for money so top poster paid posting won't work for me.

any more suggestions for me please.

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Become active in as many other medical forums as possible, without plugging your own, and build a relationship with knowledgeable and interesting folk. Ensure your own forum is mentioned in your signature, if allowed at those other forums, and introduce it when chatting to the people you have befriended.

Despite what your sig link says, there is no simple fast way to make money online, and there is no fast way to populate a forum that will ensure it has longevity and value. It takes time, and lots of effort.


The thing is in some of those groups you can't actually advertise your site so putting it in your signature is the best thing. You may also want to put a description of some sort.


Hmmm, since I have been a R.N. for too many years to talk about I thought would like to be part of the forum. But, it looks as though it is for medical dr students?

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