I was thinking about joining untill I saw that godaddy offers .ws for only 999 a month and their hosting capabilaties have alot more perks than becoming a gdi affiliate. How can a person compete with such a volume based company as godaddy. I was just wondering if you could riddle me this. Thanks for the answers Dave

I was thinking about joining untill I saw that godaddy offers .ws for only 999 a month and their hosting capabilaties have alot more perks than becoming a gdi affiliate. How can a person compete with such a volume based company as godaddy. I was just wondering if you could riddle me this. Thanks for the answers Dave

Hello Dave,

GDI has full rights to the .WS domain. Nobody else does. When someone joins GDI (purchases a domain name from them) that person becomes an affiliate of GDI and can earn commission anytime someone signs up for GDI through them.

GoDaddy gets their .WS domains from GDI. When someone purchases a .WS domain from GoDaddy, GoDaddy registers that domain name through GDI for the person wanting it. And everytime that person that bought the GDI domain through GoDaddy pays their $9.99 a month payment, GoDaddy gets the commission INSTEAD of you!
GoDaddy is making commission that YOU would have made from GDI if you had purchased the .WS domain name through GDI.

GoDaddy knows that by referring others to GDI, just like everyone else, they will make money every month that person keeps their domain.
GoDaddy just gets it through GDI FOR you instead of you going to GDI and getting it.
If you had gone through GDI to get your .ws domain name, then YOU would have been able to start making commissions from referrals, but since you purchased the .ws domain name through GoDddy, GoDaddy makes the commission from GDI everytime you pay your $9.99 monthly payment.

You lost out and now GoDaddy is getting your $9.99 a month AND the commission from GDI everytime you keep your .WS domain name, PLUS they don't give you your FREE 7 day trial like GDI does.
When you first join, you don't have to make one payment until you've tried it for 7 days then you pay $10.00 a month. GoDaddy just nakes it look like a deal since they give it for one penny less. They can afford a penny, because they are making much more than that in commissions :)

If you would like to join GDI, they now offer other domain name extensions such as:
.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .name, .us, .in, .cc, .cn, .bz, .tv and .la. They also accept Paypal now, making it easier for those without a credit card to join and earn.
Here's an access code for you: mov if you would like to join. Send me an email if you decide to, I'd be more than willing to help you and would love for you to be part of my team.

Don't let GoDaddy make the money off of you that you should have been able to earn.
Godaddy found an awesome way to work that deal :/
They just aren't going to tell you that they are getting the domain name through GDI because then nobody would get the domain name through GoDaddy and GoDaddy wouldn't be raking in the dough from it because everyone would just go straight to the .ws source - GDI.

Like I said, nobody but GDI has 100% rights to the .WS domain, everyone that sells the .WS domain other than GDI is just using it to make commission from GDI AND the monthly fee they charge you.

I hope that answered your question. Any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Thanks for your offer but I'll stick with the .com, I just hate clauses like this

(2) By WebSite: WebSite may terminate this Affiliate Agreement, with or without cause, at any time by notification to Affiliate by e-mail or United States mail to the then current address provided by Affiliate.

Their have been a million affiliate programs that suddenly one day think about their bottom line and poof the lifestyle you were once used to disappears and it's back to the drawing board.


The only time GDI will remove a website is if it breaks the Terms of Service IF the said website is being hosted by them or using their website templates.
I host my own on my servers even though I don't host anything illegal.
Most hosting providers will not allow you to host illegal things on your site. I don't blame them, because not only are you held responsible but so is the one providing the hosting.
That's the only time that GDI will take a site down - if it breaks their TOS. Most respectable hosting providers would as well.

And they provide other domain name extensions other than .WS now, even .COM because so many of their members asked for more.
They offer:
.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .name, .us, .in, .cc, .cn, .bz, .tv and .la

But, no problem. I don't push others into things they don't want. But should you ever change your mind, you know how to reach me.
GDI isn't going anywhere. They aren't a work-at-home type, online marketing, "next best thing", pre-launch, MLM business opportunity.

GDI is a full-fledged domain name registrar just as GoDaddy, NetSolutions, etc., are. GDI just allows their customers to earn money through referrals. It's a great incentive for the customers and also for GDI.
Basically you are a reseller for GDI. GoDaddy also allows others to be resellers, but you have to pay to be one with them, as with many other domain name registrars.

However, take care and best wishes, Dsiembab. It's been a real pleasure chatting with you.


Last time i checked, .ws is the country code for (western) samoa

high five to you

Right now By Joining GDI affiliate program you can take a .com or .org. or .net domains too...

maybe its more expensive than go daddy but there is an income opportunity for life, dont forget it :)

If you think to Join GDI you can take a look to 3in7 and Dream Team formula Feeders to boost your team and to make more money

If you want to be GDI affiliate in order to make money, sign up for GDI. If not, Join godaddy.

I have been with global domains international it is not techically a scam but it is more like a vitual cancer on the web. Businesses like this make there money by spamming people all over the world sucking them in with empty promises and making it near impossible to get out so they can keep riping you off for as long as they can.

Let me tell you my experiance with GDI.

Over the past 2.5 years I have converted about 100 people to GDI and I have yet to recieve a payment from them as I still havent earned the requiered minimum payout.
Most of these people cancel within the first few days (Shows its a good product hey)
I finally realised that this will never work after tons & tons of effort I have put in.

I cancelled my paypal subscription with them.

Then they started billing my credit card. My credit card expired and they managed to guess the new expiry date and kept billing my card (ilegal).

So I recently cancelled my credit card and now they have started billing my paypal account again even though my subscription has been cancelled (very dishonest business).

There is only one way to cancel your account and that is by phoning them.

I have been trying to ring the number they gave me at least 10 times it dosnt work here in Australia. I have sent a heap of emails and they reply with the same thing (cancel by phone no exceptions).

This company is so desperate to rip people off they are resorting to ilegal and dishonset practices.

Has anyone ever seen a decent .ws domain NO cause everyone is in it to make money which only .000001% is acually making a profit the rest a sheep handing over the hard earned every month.

You need to be in this company long term to make any money and they will not be around for that long. So if you want to join this company and there scamming tactics go ahead throw away 10 bucks a month and go through all the crap I have been through to get out.

That is why I think GDI is a virtual cancer and I feel sorry for its victims.

Anyone who is promoting GDI cannot tell me that they acually believe they are selling a good product because you not it isnt true you are trying to promote a lifestyle that will never ever ever eventuate. Get a ligit online business.

I am trying to stop GDI from taking anymore of my money, every month they perform an unauthorised transaction on my account I will be posting 100 posts similar to this one.

This last gentleman comments were so missleading and shows that you know very little about the company and how to run the business. First I have sponsered hundreds and hundred of members into GDI about 25% of them quit but 75% of them have stayed and I have always got paid month after month by GDI with fail.

The minimum requirment is to earn $10 and they will pay the commission. I set my minimum to $50 to reduce the paypal charges but they ALWAYS pay on time in fact they pay a few days earlier than the 15th of every month and also in some weeks I have even qualified for the $100 weekly bonus and they always pay me on the Wednesday. So what do you mean by saying that they are a scam.

The problem is not with GDI it is with people like yourself. Who join the business don't put in enough time and effort and then instead of taking responsibity for your lack of action. Blame everyone else except themself. "its GDI , it's the weather, it's the internet, it's my downline, it's my upline" or whatever.

People like you have no business being in business. Whoever said that building wealth or a business should be easy? It takes time, effort, training and investment to build any business including the GDI business. And most people I find are lazy and are looking for something for little effort or nothing. I have been with GDI for 1 year and I think they are a very good company they are not perfect but they are a very good company. And our team privides the very best training and support to help our members to build a successful GDI business. If you are not getting the right training don't blame GDI blame your sponsor or better still look in the mirror and take responsibility and search for a solution. If you want to cancel your GDI account log into your GDI Members area and click on the support button and follow the instructions to cancel your account there is also a phone number there for you to call GDI customer services during PST business hours. I live in the UK and I have spoken to them several times whenever I have a challenge they are always supportive.

Sorry to be so blunt and I hope that helps

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