how can i get a rollover to target another movie.

i have set up some text to use as a link inside a flash website i am building but i have a small box next to it which i want to animated when the mouse rollover the text.

i have set the small box to be a movie and inside this movie clip i have set the up over and out states for the animation.

i am not sure how to get the movie to play when the text is rollover.

if someone can point me in the direction of a tutorial that would be great.

In the over state of the button you put a movie clip symbol of whatever the animation is. Automatically when you hover over the button it should start to play the movie clip.

the movie that i want to play is on a different part of the screen. i want to role the mouse over one object and another object will start to play.

the thing is these are two different objects therefore you have to use actionscript to trigger the event.

first convert the textbox into a movieclip, then assign it an intance name say mc_text.
in the first frame of the layer write the code triggering the small box movieclip to play a certain frame.

this is the code

mc_text.onRollOver = function (){
     small_box.gotoAndPlay (1);


the "small_box" is the instance name of the small box movie clip and the "gotoAndPlay"
is the event triggering "(1)" frame 1 in the small_box movieclip to play.

this will work if the small box movieclip has frames playing a movie. say a motion tween or any animation.

thanks for the reply i will have a go at getting that to work. thanks again.

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