Hi All,

I am a Visual Designer. I have created the static width 920px with center aligned.

This is ongoing product also. which is good. But now I wanted to increase my width for List views, we have to facility for column customization.

So we don't know how much column will user choose. I am very confusing.

Please help me!...
Now a days maximum number of users use 1024x768 and above Resolution. So I planned to expand my screen upto 1200px.

Then what can I do for above 1024x768 resolution.

1. Fluid with 100%
In this case I have lot of empty space in creation screens and four column (two lable two textboxes) it will show widely expanded feel. But in List view is good.

I have search box and (pricing, logout etc...) links at Top right corner. I will go to there, It is very odd for finding that links

2. Static width 1200px with Left

Right side empty space is too. I want more columns in list views only.

If we have static width in Creation page that is fine, But in List view it expands out side the boundry area which is very odd to view.

3. Static width 1200px with Center

If we have more columns in the list view, create page and list view page have different look.

I am awaiting for your comments

Elumalai J.

Is this an image?

The best way to design a page is to create an array of objects that can expand or move apart to fill the screen horizontally.

Note that if the image or page is too big for the screen resolution, scrollbars will appear, so the user can scroll the screen to see the rest.

Do not expect to exactly fill the screen vertically. The web is not designed to do this.