Hi Im a newbie, so I hope I am posting in the right place....

Some advice if you can, I have a little flip book that works fine in Firefox and some versions of Explorer, Flash 9 with Actionscript 2,

Problem is for some people with older version of ie only get a blank white screen.... is there some coding in html that can make my whole thing more user friendly....

Thanks Milktray

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Hi jbennet,
Your quick off the mark....

The answer is yes on one computer which I have access to which is not mine....
I can on FireFox with flash player 9 installed view the swf file and it works perfectly
on the very same computer with their older version of ie... I simply get a blank white page....

What I was wondering is there some tweeking of I dont know html, or some other component I may make the whole thing more user friendly....


You know you need to install the Flash plugin seperately for both IE and Firefox, right?

Flash does work in older versions of IE, what OS is it?


So I dont appear rude I am now leaviing work... and will catch up on Monday....
May I ask is it allowed to post a link if necessary to allow members see if the link works for them.... I dont want to break any rules on my first day here.....

See you on monday have a nice weekend all.......Milktray


I didnt know that it needed to be installed for both...Maybe thats all that is needed.....


Hi guys have put a test flash 9 icon on the site to let the viewers know if they need to download a flash update...but some who have the correct flash player can not view... the
project a blank white page...???

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