Hi Everyone, this is my first post. I have thought this question through, if it's stupid, it's because I am stupid! not lazy.

I have built a bunch of one page websites for my one man business(I repair equipment). I have found that I have good page rank if the targeted keyword appears in the URL. However as you can imagine it is difficult to bring multiple domains together in some sort of cohesive way. To illustrate if I sold pizzas this is how my "meta site"(probably not a word, sorry) would look like.

www.goodpizza.com = main site

If you started at www.goodpizza.com you would end up at www.pepperonipizza.com if you clicked on that pizza at goodpizza.com

I have never seen someone else do this, which makes me think it is probably a bad idea. However I do have several well functioning domains that I don't want to give up. I want to model this so that it is more navigable. I was thinking about changing the www host prefix to something common to all the domains. For example goodpizza.hawaiianpizza.com goodpizza.pepperonipizza.com etc. I am a bit concerned about domain squatting as anyone can chose the same prefix and I am wondering how this will effect my search rankings. I have not seen this done before, is there a good reason for this?

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading-Patrick

This is the wrong way to get search engines to find you.

It's not just the domain name. The search engine also looks for the title and the content. If the phrase appears in the website text, it will be indexed.

The meta tags are NOT used, because they have been used to cheat in the past.

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