When another site includes one of my images, like

<img border="0" src="http://www.daniweb.com/forums/myimages/misc/dani/largefeed.gif" width="24" height="24">

, for example, in their own page, can I redirect it to another place?
I think is not possible, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

So far I can only redirect images on my site if someone tries to enter them in browser's address or to replace the image with another if they're included in another page, like above.

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this is a hot topic and there are tutorials


has my favorite, easy to follow, flexible

This is exactly what I've said I know how to do :)
More clear: I want the included picture to redirect to a page, not to another picture, therefore redirecting the page that includes it... if possible, 'cause I haven't found it in any tutorial so far


sorry, out of brain space,
redirect to a html page instead of an image ??
not sure it can be done either
it should be cause you can make <img src='filename'php'> for generated images
how about a html file with a breakout script that loads your page

Our image protect looks like this and has the site address

Attachments nohotlink.jpg 29.68 KB

My impresion is that it's not possible, also... I was hoping somehow to gain something (like their visitors) from all the sites that curently have my images embeded :) Like a revenge of some kin


That is the equivalent of hijacking a website. and is a security violation. It might be illegal.

How do other sites have your images embedded in such a way that you can access them?

Are they doing a link to your image on your site. If so, you can change the url of your picture and the associated link every so often, and put a different image in for the old picture url.

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