Hi all, I'm totally new at web design and learning fast with tutorials, I have built the website already and now I'm trying to embed a flash movie that I just created in Adobe Flash CS3 successfully, I have also published the flash movie in HTML/.swf so I'm good there, the HTML movie file and the AC_RunActiveContent.js files are in website folder

I Have inserted the movie in frontage 2003 and its not playing in frontage/firefox/IE and I think its because of this HTML code that I have to put in to make it work. 1- Where do I get this HTML code??? Do I get it from my .fla original editable file in the Flash CS3 program??? and if so how exactly do I go about doing so? 2- Once I have this code copied in my clipboard, where exactly do I paste in frontage 2003 to make this movie work??? Please help and thank you! in advanced

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You can have front page do the code for you in six simple steps.

1. Highlight the area you want to insert the flash video.
2. Click Insert
3. Click Web Compenent
4. Click Advanced Controls
5. Click Plug-In
6. In Data Source add your flash file

Hi there,
Thanks Steven you have solved my problem to however can you or anyone tell me how I see this in design mode in Frontpage 2003?
I can see the result in preview however it would be much easier if I could see the resilt in design while I'm working.
Many thanks.

I dont beleave you can do it, but I will like into it. I would ask you to please mark as solved if both profiles are your's.
Thanks Steven Petersen

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