I designed a website for a small magazine. I put all the files on their server and their web person was the one to upload everything to GoDaddy. Anyway, so I had made changes to the contact page and those changes wouldn't show no matter what we did.

I had her delete the file on her computer and GoDaddy before downloading the updated file from the server. Then I changed the name of the file, relinked everything, put all updated files on the server. Had her delete all affected files from her computer and GoDaddy (and all old image files that were used in the original contact page) before she downloaded the new files.

I have no idea why it would still be showing the old page when there are no files left for the site to link to to show the old contact page.

Oh and she's linked a completely different html file to the contact link and it showed that page. I'm so confused.

Any ideas. I'm completely stuck and don't know what to do.
the site is tournamentfishingtimes.com

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!


umm....This may sound a bit obvious, but have you tried clearing your browsers cache/history?

If the new versions of the HTML files have been uploaded to the server, then it's pretty certain that your changes to the site have actually been made.

Which means it's most likely that your browser has cached an older version of the site, so when you go back to the site, it's the cached version that you're seeing. So when you click on the contact link it's taking you to the cached contact page rather than loading the newer version.

Try clearing your browser cache/history and then go to the site again and see what that does.

I just took a quick look at the site and clicking on the contact link from the main page takes me to a page called talk_to_tft.html. Is that the page you are expecting to see?

Cheers for now,


You don't know how much I wish that was the problem. It opens the same way from other peoples computers that have never been on the site. The web girl from the other office has made a different page and linked it as the contact page on GoDaddy and that worked. I feel like it might be something to do with the images that are linked to the page?


Hmmm, sounds very odd....I'm stumped!

What about your local version of the website? i.e. the version you have on your PC from when you were editing/developing the site..
Does that function properly? Do all of the links work as expected?

If not, then it is almost certainly some problem with your HTML code. In which case you need to take another look at your code. Perhaps there are some links that you needed to update or something else which you missed.
But if your local version does work properly, I think I'm out of ideas!

Cheers for now,

Did you confirm that the site was deleted from the server after the other person removed the files by visiting the page? I just went through something similar, and when I tried to confirm that, the page was still there - turns out when I had Dreamweaver push the files, it created a subdirectory for the new ones. Once I saw that I was able to correctly upload everything.

Another thought - since you are not the one posting the files, have you checked that the other person is A) getting the correct files from you (make sure you are not sending an old .zip etc by accident) or B) posting the correct version of the files? They should be checking the files locally to see your changes, confirming that they have the updates.

One last thing - If you know that you changed some of the content names, did you try to open one of those (new) files by linking to it directly in the browser window? If you know the location, try this and verify that it exists on the server.

Good luck. :-)

Figured it out. It was a problem on the other end. Thanks!!