Hey all,

I'm looking to bounce and brainstorm some ideas. I'm curious about new techniques for handling global navigation.

We're all familiar with standard menu's with flyouts, drop downs etc....

If you've worked on enterprise systems you know how unruly a huge hierarchy can be. 3...4..or more flyout levels (nooo!!!!)

I mean, other than a site map there HAS to be some new ideas about how to handle huge navigation menus in an elegant way.

Really though, has no one come up with a better alternative in the past 10 years? I'm honestly trying to think of a new easy, scalable, 508 compliant navigation structure.

No ideas are bad ideas in this thread, its all about brainstorming.

perhaps a treeview coupled with a free text search, where only the branches relevant to the search are pre-opened...
in some apps i've used treeview control generated from a database, so you can plug any category like manufacturer/family/products/uses... where you want in the tree and the times you want...
web navigation is based on links to other location, it's not perse organizated in anyway.
to me the newest way is the "cloud", could be in the future you will just talk to a cloud to get what you want