Hi everyone...am building a dating website as ma 4th yr project...how do i build a page like the one 4 yahoo mail that keep on changing only the contents but not the layout & design? :rolleyes:

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You would use a template...
preferably you'd use php or ssi to include the duplicated sections of your html page.
Does that make any sense?

any websites i can get free dating web template......

I think he's talking about AJAX, actually.

I've never used yahoo mail service so I don't know if it uses ajax.
If the project is to build a dating site then the course would normally be based in the language you are going to use, whether it's php/mysql, asp/mssql or whatever. The course wouldn't normally send you off to learn a new technology on your own...
Could be wrong of course.

He/she does not even know what is talking about, otherwise will specify what exactly he/she wish to do and what would be best technic/way to do it

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