Im trying to group together 5 image links that i've made for my site. The problem is when i try moving them together 1 "repels" the others.

I took a SS to illustrate my problem:


As you can see the "home" is separated from the other links.

If i try moving the "home" image right using "HSpace" this is what happens:


What im trying to say is how do i move "home" right withought the other links moving right as well?

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Well answer is simple, HSpace is size of of empty space in pixels from left and right side of your image. Increase value of this setting and everything on left & right get shifted away from your image.
Why don't you try put all this menu buttons in one row table and than try adjust spaces between columns??? That would be easier as you seems not know how to use CSS.

look study really HARD and this should be a piece of cake i always considerd hanwritten html better than dreamweaver its more customizibale by the way i do it with notepad baby.

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