Hey People

Basically i have some buttons in my website which currently are using rollovers. the button is yellow and turns to red when the mouse moves over it. But i want to add something else so when the cursor moves over the button, a little box appears with a description about the content covered in that section.

You know like in say microsoft word when you are not sure what a button does, so you leave the mouse over the button and about 1 second later a little yellow box appears giving the buttons name?? It works on this website....leave your mouse over the homepage button.

I can do this type of thing in flash but im sure there is a way of doing it through dreamweaver.....

Thanks for any help
GR Web FX :confused:

im very very very rusty on dreamweaver. However in HTML it is the "title" property you need to set. Put whatever text you want in there and when they hover over it the "tooltip" will show up. This is cross browser compatible.

However it is also limited. If you want some really nice roll over effects - check out the floating banners i offer my customers on one of my sites (www.worldsbiggestwebpage.com). Just hover over an image on there and you will see a whole new floating banner. It is cross browser compatible and uses javascrpt. I use asp.net to build them on the fly on this site but there is no reason why they cannot be hard coded too in html and the like.