hi I have recently set up a website, and I notice it looks fine in Firefox, but in Interenet explorer , its almost unusable, also I noticed that if I try it on wider screens it shows a little better in explorer but still not the way I want, fix ideas would be appreciated
Im using open source software to build it, and have very little actual html knowledge as the software writes the html in the background,

if I can get the side bar to stay to the left as it should and not underneath the pictures on the main body of the page this would be great. Beginner

website mulhuddartcc dotcom

You can send me the sample HTML and I can fix it for you.

You can send me the sample HTML and I can fix it for you.

hi and thanks very much for your support, awesome, since Ive posted I have been working at it and decided to remove the tables that were lateral, as this seemed to be causing the problem, its browsing ok in IE 8 and firefox , I havnt tried the older IE,s Im still working on it, and currently noticing that its having difficulties loading pages with photos, Im thinking maybe theres to many photos on the one page.:)

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