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<title>Integration of TC and P6</title>
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<h1>Primavera-Teamcenter Integration</h1>
<IMG SCR="../images/primavera.png" ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="1" ALT="Primavera"
WIDTH="213" HEIGHT="101" /> ______ <IMG SCR="images/teamcenter.png" ALIGN="CENTER"
BORDER="1" ALT="Teamcenter" WIDTH="250" HEIGHT="101" />
<h2>Welcome to User Page</h2>
<br /> <a href="schedule.jsp"><font size="4" color="black">View
Next Scheduled run date/time</font>
</a><br /> <a href="index.jsp"><font size="4" color="black">Push
data from Primavera to Teamcenter / Push data from Teamcenter to
Primavera</font> </a>
<br />

So, what trouble are you having exactly? Are you aware you have an H1 tag in your <head> element?