Hi everyone,

I'm having some trouble with my drop down menu not showing up.
I've attached a screenshot in my browser showing what it does and should look like. However, the client I'm working for has sent me back screenshots from his browsers showing it isn't working correctly. I've also attached this so you can see for yourself.

The website is stored here. Any ideas? What do you see when you visit this? Might it just be a problem on his side?


Thanks in advance.

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Looks like a problem accessing the CSS file.... are you sure you the CSS file is available?


Looks like a problem accessing the CSS file.... are you sure you the CSS file is available?

It seems to be available in my remote folder view. I don't understand why its not being found, especially as I can view the website correctly.

I've tried clearing my cache in case it had been stored and then removed, but its still showing up fine on all my local browsers.

So the issue is the way that you are referencing the file. take a look at the tooltip in the pic. pic15

Of course, from your computer, localhost resolves to the same machine. We (on the internet) cannot access that URL.

Ah I've found the problem. It seems when I registered the plugin it took the css files location and stored it in the database (I did this locally). When I uploaded it, the file then obviously didn't have the 'localhost' directory therefore wasn't being found.

Solution: I re-installed the plugin on the remote server and the actually location was modified in the database. Everything now works as it should.

Thanks for posting George :)

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