Hi everyone,

My name is Tony and I recently just joined the DaniWeb community. Some of my friends linked me to here because of my current dilemma. Recently, I have created a website through iPage with my friend and the layout she has for my website is one I do not like. I truly have no idea how to code but this website is important to a school club of mine. If anyone could help me re-create the website, or is interested in doing so, please do not hesitate and send me an email at xxxx. Thank you very much.

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doesnt work that way
code and questions and interested persons will assist
SO post a link to the site, the code to it, or something to enable interested persons to help
and good luck, starting is hard, continuing gets easier


Really, as you can see, the site is pretty boring. I would like to make changes to the website to make it more appealing to the public.


If your website is made up of just HTML files, then you need to learn how to change that. You can change the HTML to reorder things, and you can use CSS to change it's layout.


If the website is made mostly through WordPress then is it all html?


No, Wordpress is PHP based. However, Wordpress uses a templating system so you can modify the position and look of things just with HTML and CSS. If you want to add or modify features, though, you're either going to need to know PHP or be able to install Wordpress plugins that are php files written by other people.

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