What is the most popular web development software?

You have a variety of options, and it depends on the type of person you are, your knowledge and what sort of site you are making.

If you are like me, and know your way around HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript then you may use a basic text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, Gedit or Text Edit.

If you are creating a site using a programming language then you shall use a more advanced IDE that has a compiler built in (such as if you made a C# website).

For the basic web designer (I didn't say developer as a developer would imply you coded it yourself) then you could use something like Dreamweaver which is as far as I am aware, probably the most popular software.
You do however have others that are free, but they have less features. It all depends on what you want to do when using software.

Going back to the 'types of sites' then a lot of software won't do it all, this is when you need to know you way around the actual coding aspect.

Coding Is Comes From Experiences For that Having Skills with Programming Languages . Yes Their Are Many Softare That Helps With Designing Best Web Pages . Dreamweaver is one of best tool to use in designing web pages Without knowing to HTML Code .

Wish to double confirm if the post is ask for development language, platform, or software? Wouldn't the software use depends on the platform and programming language? As far as I know, microsoft word also having a function of generating html.

Yep, Microsoft Word can produce 'like' HTML, although you are obviously very limited in that. It doesn't really produce a .htm/.html file but instead produces a Microsoft Word file that can be displayed on the internet.

All websites use HTML, which goes to my previous post where you can use even the most simplest text editor (as HTML doesn't need compiling).

I suggest to you Joomla 2.5 CMS.
It's an open source (free) software easy to learning.

I think it is better to learn from softwares using hardcodes like Notepad++

this is my pov anyway ^^ it depends on how comfortable are you in making these webpages.

Yep, I recommend Dreamweaver too if you want to see realtime previews. ^^

Just to be clear, Word produces XML which is very, very fat. Depending on the Language you want to use, there are loads of apps.

Asp - Dreamweaver
.Net - Visual Studio Express (free)
.php - DreamWeaver


Today so many web development softwares are available in market and which are very useful for creating website But as per the best web development software concern i am preferred with Dreamweaver because it provide the great features for creating website. And the main thing PHP is an Open source software so it is also compatible with other platform.

Visual Studios
Coda 2

There is nothing like most popular Web development software, you can use cms's to develop your website like wordpress, joomla as per your need.

I have always used Dreamweaver, it's absolutely amazing!! But it comes at one hell of a price for a beginner, so gEdit is still pretty good.

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