So basically I can't remove the blank space right above the 32% rating (Red 32%) & and the small sliver of space right below "Showing 1-6 of 88 reviews" at the bottom.

I provided my entire code here with the links below, but if you search specifically for "/*Code that implements appearance detail 5 in homework handout */" you'll find the part of my CSS that I can't figure out and where I think the problem is.

Sorry for just giving you the entire code. I felt that it may be a good idea to post the entire thing just so you can look over the whole thing just in case.

Click Here and you'll see what it needs to be in the end.

Click Here and you'll see my HTML code.

Click Here and you'll see my CSS code.

Click Here and here's the assignment rubric, but I doubt that'll clarify anything.

Thanks in advance!

While reading the code, feel free to critique my coding style and offer feedback. Thanks.

In your HTML code, change the element in lines 22-25 ("ratingPercentage" block) from a paragraph <p> to a <div> element.

commented: Solved the problem. +1

Thanks for catching that. I also noticed another issue of having a <p> tag in <p> tag. Didn't know that will cause my code to not validate so severely. >_<

Glad to hear you resolved the problem.