Hi guys!

I was using Dreamweaver and I have always wondered what the big differences were in the different docTypes... can't you use the HTML5 features on XHTML 1.0 Strict?

Sorry if this question is ridiculous... but I am curious to know the answer!

XHTML strict doesn't allow some attributes that XHTML transitional does such as target="_blank"

So what if i were to use the html5 and css3 features, what would happen?

If you added HTML5 elements while using an XHTML Doctype, the page would not pass validation.

You probably should be using the HTML5 Doctype for all of your existing and new web projects.

This doesnt mean that you have to include any new HTMl5 elements. It also doesnt prevent you from using a strict type of HTML markup such as making sure that all of your elements and attributes are in lower case, or making sure that all of your elements that have a starting tag also have a matching ending tag. That your singleton elmenents (img, br) include a forward slash prior to the greater than symbol at the end of the tag, etc...

Okay, that answers my question :)... that explains my new avatar :)...

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